About Us

We believe that First Aid is important.  Members of a group being lead, attendees to an event or workers in the workplace should all be kept safe by quality processes and feel safe in the knowledge that if the worst were to happen, those in control will know what to do and how to help.

Our Approach

In all our First Aid Courses we use trained and experienced casualty actors and stage make-up in our scenarios, this practice goes deeper than just surface level.  Through these methods our students are forced to practice and consider a diagnosis, they can have a conversation with a patient and understand what their emergency might be. What does disorientation look like? Have you tried obtaining useful information from someone suffering from shock? The visceral nature of this technique is often confronting, and always valued by our participants and is at the core of all our programs.

Outdoor First Aid Training was born from a mission to produce capable and competent first aiders who can handle a confronting situation. We will never simply tick off the criteria and send our students home with a certificate. Our students get their hands dirty, search for casualties, rescue them from realistic scenarios and walk away knowing they could do it all again in a real emergency.


Our Story

Outdoor First Aid Training was created as a meeting of a Paramedic and an Outdoorsman.  Both dissapointed with the level of first aid training found elsewhere, they decided to team up and provide real hands-on training for the outdoors…after all, it’s where Australians spend most of their time!

In addition, our trainers all come from an education background, which is unusual in the world of First Aid.  We understand schools, children and teachers alike and are well equipped to provide first-hand experience and real-world scenarios in our training, making it visceral, relevant and engaging to all our participants, especially in the education realm such as high schools, forest schools or kindergartens.