Sun and Stars Bushcraft

This is our sister business ran by Andy Currey, which focuses on bushcraft and survival training.

Andy has spent most of his life exploring the outdoors and he created his company, Sun and Stars Bushcraft, to encourage people back into the wild and remote areas, and to support their re-connection to nature, themselves, and each other.

By learning the ways of nature and re-visiting the lost and forgotten skills of our ancestors, we can achieve a greater understanding of our place in the world today and re-connect with the adventurous side that lies within us all. In doing this we truly discover what we are capable of, and thrive as a result of doing so.

These techniques and philosophies are brought to the First aid workshops we run, but if you would like to delve deeper into such skill sets as bushcraft, survival, nature connection, navigation and so forth, then look at what Sun and Stars Bushcraft has to offer…we promise you won’t be disapointed.